The Role of Research in Building Communities: The African American and First Nations Experience
November 4-5, 2004

The Role of Research in Building Communities:
The African American and First Nations Experience

presented by
University of Kansas Hall Center and Haskell Indian Nations University

November 4 – 5, 2004
Lawrence , Kansas

The University of Kansas (KU), in partnership with Haskell Indian Nations University, is pleased to announce the second workshop sponsored by the Ford Foundation project Shifting Borders of Race and Identity.

The focus of the second workshop in this series is "The Role of Research in Building Communities." The intent of the workshop is to advance scholarship that focuses on social action, collaboration, and community building with African Americans and First Nations Peoples. Specific topics of interest include historical and contemporary conceptions of identity; oral memory, folklore and literature; curricular research and interdisciplinary approaches for working in communities of color.

Distinguished historian and interdisciplinary scholar James F. Brooks will provide the keynote address for this workshop. Brooks is the author of several books and articles that focus on intercultural borderlands and relationships between African Americans and First Nations. These include Captives and Cousins: Slavery, Kinship and Community in the Southwest Borderlands and Confounding the Color Line: The Indian-Black Experience in North America. In 2003 Captives and Cousins won the Frederick Jackson Turner Award, the Bancroft Prize, the Parkman Prize, the Frederick Douglas Prize, the Wheeler-Voegelin Prize, and the Caroline Bancroft Honor Book Award. His book in preparation, Nations, Tribes and Colors: Borderland Peoples and a History for the Twenty-first Century, is under contract with Harvard University Press.

A limited number of travel scholarships will also be available for participating scholars working in this area.

View the schedule for the November 4-5 workshop.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact:

Jim Leiker –
Zanice Bond de Pérez, University of Kansas codirector – or
Michael Stewart– Haskell Indian Nations University codirector –

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